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Cosmetic Dentistry in Houston

Crowns and Cosmetic Dentistry Restorations

With today’s technology, we can restore teeth with crowns exhibiting natural characteristics. We used to restore front teeth with gold crowns covered with porcelain to mimic natural colors. Current materials allow the restoration to maximize esthetics without compromising strength. These crowns are chemically, mechanically adhered to your teeth.

1. The older restoration prior to preparation. Notice discolored edges. This is where the filling is leaking and causing decay inside. This allows the amalgam to "leach into the tooth" turning the tooth grey.

2. The tooth is then "shaved" to allow enough space for the permanent restoration. An impression is made and sent to a laboratory. We then fabricate a plastic temporary crown for you to wear while your cosmetic crown is finished.

3. The laboratory makes an esthetic crown out of porcelain for your tooth.

4. The tooth is tried in to evaluate the results.

5. Cement is put into crown and the crown is seated

The Final Result

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