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Here’s How Dental Practices Are Protecting You During COVID-19

April 22, 2020

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Dentist wears protective equipment to follow covid safety proceduresCovid safety procedures are being added to medical offices around the country. Prior to the outbreak, your dentist’s office was one of the cleanest places you could go to for care. They followed strict sterilization and sanitation procedures to prevent the spread of germs. Now, they are even cleaner thanks to the implementation of additional policies. Read on to find out about steps dental teams are taking to protect their patients while providing their usual services.


Should I Go to the Hospital or Emergency Dentist?

March 26, 2020

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Molar and first aid kit for dental emergencies. Most people never expect dental emergencies to happen to them, but they are more common than you might realize. In fact, research shows every 1 in 6 Americans face a dental emergency annually. While there isn’t any good time for one to happen, it can be especially stressful if it’s during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since many dental practices are closed, where should you go? You might think the ER is the right decision, however, is that really the right choice? Here’s what you should do to stop your pain and save your smile.

How to Make the Most of Your 2019 Dental Insurance Benefits

November 9, 2019

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dental insurance form

Every year, millions of Americans leave behind billions of dollars in dental insurance benefits without even realizing it. This is because most dental insurance plans operate on a “use it or lose it” system, meaning that if you don’t use all your benefits by the end of the calendar year, they’ll be gone forever. Do you want to save money and keep your mouth healthy? Then keep reading as we discover why it’s important to use your benefits by seeing your cosmetic dentist before January 1st, 2020.


Love Halloween? Here’s How to Protect Your Child’s Teeth

October 29, 2019

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A bucket of candy spilling onto the floor.Halloween is a great way to kickstart the holiday season that’s about to begin. Scary costumes, tasty candy; what’s there not to love for a kid? While free candy and dressing up is always fun for kids, being told that they have a cavity is the last thing you or your child wants to hear. Instead of settling for tooth decay, here’s what you should do this October to protect your child’s teeth, as recommended by a dentist.



How to Get Your Kid’s Smile Ready for the New School Year

August 28, 2019

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little girl with backpack

The new school year is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to make your annual back-to-school checklist for your child. In addition to buying all the right supplies and new clothes, there’s something else you should add to that list, and that’s seeing your children’s dentist in Houston. Here are 3 ways that your dentist can make sure your kid’s smile is ready for the upcoming school year.


Prepare Your Smile for Summer with Your Dentist in Houston

June 18, 2019

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Smiling woman in summerDo you feel reluctant to show off your pearly whites during family photos? Do you feel shy about smiling in front of strangers? Many people feel insecure about their teeth, but fortunately your dentist in Houston has several cosmetic dentistry options that can improve your self-image. Here’s why summer is the perfect time to upgrade your smile – as well as some great ways to do so.


Dentist in Houston Reveals 5 Ways to Preserve Your Teeth

May 2, 2019

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Oral health word cloudThese days, bridges, dentures and dental implants are all reliable, effective ways to replace missing teeth. However, there is nothing quite like the original – your natural teeth! Practicing excellent oral care at home and seeking preventive care from a professional can help keep your natural teeth a part of your smile for as long as possible. May is National Save Your Tooth Month, so there is no better time than now to review some ways to prevent cavities and how to take action if tooth decay does occur. Keep reading below for some helpful advice from a dentist in Houston.


Dentist in Houston Reveals How to Treat Sensitive Teeth

March 8, 2019

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Woman with sensitive teeth holding glass of water

It’s officially spring, which means the weather is warming up outside. After a long jog around Hermann Park or an afternoon on the pedal boats at McGovern Lake, you will probably want to rehydrate with a glass of cold ice water. However, do you feel a sharp pain shoot through your teeth as soon as you take a sip? If so, you are probably one of the 40 million Americans that the Academy of General Dentistry estimates experience tooth sensitivity. Do you want to drink ice water pain-free? A dentist in Houston outlines the treatment options for sensitive teeth. (more…)

Your Dentist in Houston Gives 5 Tips to Revamp Your Oral Health!

January 1, 2019

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man smiling looking in mirrorAs the new year takes off, you feel compelled to grab your oral health by the reigns and make some big improvements. But how should you go about this? Your dentist in Houston says you can get started by taking some simple steps. Here are 5 oral health tips to jumpstart your year!


Need an Emergency Dentist in Houston? Here’s What to Do First

December 10, 2018

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person with toothache holding cheekDo you need to see an emergency dentist in Houston? By all means make the appointment. But take a moment first to read the dental first aid tips discussed in this post. Otherwise you may be setting yourself up for needless discomfort.


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